Keeping Track

October 24, 2010

For purposes of Edukashun (that’s what we call skool on planet Chardonnay), I have decided to begin a journey into previously unexplored “Web” tools to see if any can be of use back in Edukashun on Chardonnay.   So each evening, instead of reading favourite fiction or watching movies with a box of “Milk Tray”, I spend my time hurtling through wires beyond the speed of light.  Or something like that.

Dad said something about a “Star Date Log” and Mom mentioned a “Diary”, so I will keep track of what happens in my journeys beyond planet Chardonnay.  My account for each week can be accessed HERE.



  1. I like the continuation of “Star Date” but liked being referred to as Admiral…

    Note: See (http://jacquihigginbottom.wordpress.com/reflections/professional-learning/edes-540-assignment-2/) for references to “Admiral Branch”.

  2. Hilarious Jacqui – what a great blog! What an ability to be able to sustain your “blog” voice throughout! I had a quick peak at your other blog too and really enjoyed your tongue in cheek approach.

    I also truly appreciate your appreciation for wine…

    And your observation about why teens love Facebook – bang on, I’m sure!

  3. So much fun to read! Your pop culture references and thoughtful commentary are such a great combination (I laughed out loud at the Cathy comment!). I look forward to reading more … :o)

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