Beta “Bookmarking”

Whew!  That was some wormhole!  Now in the Beta of Social Bookmarking.  The crew is putting together possibilities that come to mind of what might be found in this sector of the web universe.  Captain, what is Social Bookmarking?

  • Doing assessment of student’s writing skills together with others around (usually ends up that you take the work home because you talk so much…) ???
  • Using your highlighter on the text book in the lounge ???
  • Having some of my home planet beverages while noting good read aloud passages in the book club’s pick of the month ???

So, we can establish that this ship knows NOTHING about web-based social bookmarking.

What is it?  Several sources mined for information:

  • http://www.diigo.com/annotated/b2d35bf50b2c1816d0c119c1db4e7fac gives a VG overview of SB and all its “kitten caboodles”.
  • Pilot Kirsten M. posted this link: http://www.copyblogger.com/fire-hydrant/  
    vg read and the comments were helpful too!  For example:
  • Carrie says: June 22, 2010 at 9:19 am “gatherer here. i rely on tools like delicious and evernote so that i can tag now and sort or search for the information later”
  • Ren Atkins says: June 22, 2010 at 2:49 pm “Serial data gatherer here. FEED ME, SEYMOUR!When I started my own business, the first thing I learned was that there was a HELL of a lot to learn. I soaked up every single crumb, subscribed to every blog, bought every book, watched every video…you get the picture. These days, 70% of the stuff that lands in my inbox is just going over old ground, but I still feel compelled to read it all. What if I miss something? Something vital? The horror!  By the way – for organisation, I’ve started using Evernote, which might just change my life”

This sounds like me!  FEED ME SEYMOUR!  Preferably Chardonnay…So, Social Bookmarking (SB) is a way to organize the sites, links, videos, notes etc that I have been previously stashing somewhere on the hard drive of my computer.  Somewhere slightly different each time, it seems, so that retrieval is often an arduous task.  SB makes it easier?

So funny!  I have heard about “Second Life”, but kind of shook my head…rather like when Facebook “friends” mention their scores on Farmland or the Jewellery one…who has time to play?  When I play, it is offline and with the young crew!

Ooo, so happy we start with a Lee Lefever “Plain English” video.  “Zombies in Plain English”
(http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bVnfyradCPY&feature=related) is my personal fav of theirs, esp this time of year…

Getting idea of SB now.  It is kind of like organizing the mountains (forests?) of paperwork in my office regarding every subject I have ever taught, could possibly ever teach, might like to teach…all sitting in the cupboards, drawers etc and placing them into folders, binders, recycle bins…I have many sites “bookmarked” in my favourites and had contemplated organizing them into folders on my computer, but this SB sounds like it could be a better idea.

Thought:  Is Trailfire a type of Social Bookmarking? * If not, what is it?  Multimedia sharing?  Hmmm, will have to post this question to other pilots.

  • From: http://teachingtoday.glencoe.com/howtoarticles/social-bookmarking
    “Social bookmarking sites provide a means for individuals to save their bookmarks and share them with a community of others. The advantage in using social bookmarking sites is the human collaboration involved in the searching framework…These sites are not always the most popular, but often they are much more valuable.”

Hmmm, definitely being convinced to give this a try.  Now, which one to try?  Wikipedia lists several dozen different site and each researcher / educational blogger has their own personal fav.  Will Richardson refers to Delicious (http://www.schoollibraryjournal.com/article/CA6420397.html) and “The Unquiet Librarian” leans towards Evernote. (http://theunquietlibrarian.wordpress.com/2010/03/29/the-verdict-is-in-media-21-students-love-evernote/)

  1. Digg
  2. Stumble Upon
  3. Delicious

Ooo, I just googled the term “Stumble Upon” because I saw it at the bottom of a blog I subscribe to (one on bugs and things, the WW says sheepishly) and read about it in Wikipedia.  V.excited to see it again here…

Have come to an understanding that your preferences of what SB site you choose to use are based on what you use it for.  Digg is “more serious” (think: Mr. Darcy, Kryton, Mr. Spock).  People like me (Think: Bridget, Deanna Troy, Lister) may prefer another site.  Now to find that site…

Ooo, better – v simple language for us Bridget types.  Hmmm, some of these sites seem to want to have popularity contests.  “Vote” for your fav sites, fav bookmarker and such.  Not something I am looking for (although I do like the little bar graph on my blog page that tells me how many visitors I have had…why would my blog have 13 visits in one day?  Who is reading my drivel?  I mean, my carefully composed thoughts?  And, do any of those visitors know the old British series I have made reference to in this post? Ha ha.  Okay WW, focus!)

This one I found while looking for “SB for educators” and gave good descriptions…

  • “Del.icio.us: specifically designed for teachers and teaching”
  • “Connotea”: great for high school and upper types of educational settings…designed for researchers (web wanderers?)…references are saved…”

Ooo, could have used that in my first course when I hadn’t a clue how to show my references and literally spent HOURS trying to write the references list for first assignment.  (FOCUS!)

Even more good info…in fact, I am going to add this site to my favourites on my computer and if I ever choose a SB planet to land on, add it to that!

Hmm, they are making a good argument, plus, they bring stuff to me?  Kind of like an internet taste test…do I like it or not?  That will determine the next “bite” of information they send my way.

I got halfway through this video and I already decided that digg is not for me.  I “follow” enough people on twitter and igoogle (blogs), why do I want to be another follower? 

Hmm.  THIS one seems vg for educators.  Many highlighting, drawing, sticky-noting things I can do.  May have to circle this planet looking for a suitable landing site.

No flashy video.  Many words.  Web Wanderer tired of reading.  Also, must have Yahoo! email account.  Sigh, don’t want another one to have to remember password and user name for.

Quite like their sense of humour – elephants!

ARGGH!  Too many choices!  Like being in an Earth-based “wine store”.

Better pick one (or two) and quick! Just cleaned up 17 little yellow sticky notes from the table around my computer with addresses and notes on them…


Landing attempt #1…

STUMBLE UPON – decided the young male crewmember would be the test subject with this site.  Age 11 human years, (only 6 on Chardonnay, as we like to age a little longer, preferable surrounded by oak) he LOVES this site.  We had to “adjust” his age slightly to be allowed to access an account, but all the choices are his and his alone.  I am not a big fan of World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE), heavy metal and video games, but the boy is.  After we checked the applicable boxes, off we went to “Stumble”.  What a fun hour!  Many pages we got to enjoy together (some vg football plays…) and one we positively howled at! (http://www.stumbleupon.com/su/1WjbBr/artlung.com/smorgasborg/how_to_tick_people_off.html)
There were a few stumble links with “questionable” content, but since we put his age at 13.6363636363 Chardonnay years, the site wouldn’t know any better.  I also had to take a moment to explain what “squares” and “square roots” are so we could say it was also educational:

This is definitely a tool my crew will look at more as entertainment together.  It is not a tool that I would use as a primary organizational tool, which is what I need right now, along with a housekeeper, personal shopper, trainer and masseuse.

Landing attempt #2…

EVERNOTE – signed in, easy peasy…found my “dashboard”.  Hmm, cannot seem to add anything from my favourites…open, copy, paste, no, no, hmm, okay back to “how to” videos.  Okay, add little button, cannot find little button, where IS little button?  “Help”…hmmm, help for Windows…52 page manual?  In wrong corridor of docking system!  GLEEP! GLEEP!  Elephants running amok!  
Have decided to use self-transmogrifier and beam self to bed.  Will put elephants into stasis until tomorrow. 


Landing attempt #3…ASTEROIDS!

Emergency maneuvers necessary.  Quick!  Hit the “Interim Reports For All 7 Classes” missiles!  Quick!  Deploy the “Drama Club Afterschool Meeting” nets!  Hurry!  Use the “Take Son To Doctor, Xray and Physio, Cast Removal Check Up” thrusters.  Gleep Gleep!  “Entire Evening of Family Phone Calls” comet on its way!  Oh, good news though, it is waving the white flag of “Sister Getting Married”, so all is well with the ship.  We are, of course, behind schedule.  Again.


Landing attempt #3, again…GLEEP! GLEEP!  ALL SYSTEMS ON ALERT! 

“Stumble Upon” being used enjoyably today by co-pilot and crew when pages started to filter through with  more and more questionable content.  Disabling account immediately and child can open account again when he is old enough to play killing games on the computer and have life size pictures of scantily-clad female celebrities splashed on wall of his personal pod.  Not for a few more years.  No wonder it said he was too young, because he is.

Much disappointment as had visions of leading recruits from mother ship into this area.  Cannot now.  Will search for sister planet to “Stumble Upon” that has a more breathable atmosphere for the younger crew, as we really enjoyed it before the air supply turned “old”.


Landing attempt #4…FAILURE!

Have given up on planet Evernote.  Cannot seem to move bookmarks from computer to site.  I must be doing something wrong (having a Bridget kind of day.  Started out an hour late and put blue eyeliner on brows), but should it be so hard?  Cannot even find a “help” video to help me with this aspect and don’t want to email their tech team as only have limited time in this sector of the system.

Moving on to Diigo, only a parsec away.  Have had correspondence with other pilots in the Bookmarking Beta who would like to share ideas on this planet.  Seems like friendly thing to do.  If we cannot share beverages from home planet, we could share bookmarks. 

Have entered the Diigo sector and already it seems more user friendly.  Will activate account and get started.


Landing attempt #5

Our server is temporarily unavailable. Please e-mail support@Diigo.com to let us know about the problem.* Thanks. We will have things running smoothly again as quickly as we can, so please try again later.

We are avid Diigo users ourselves, and chances are we already know about this issue, but in case it is a very recent one, notifying us may help us respond just that little bit more swiftly. Thanks again for your help.


Okay, Web Wanderer, this does happen.  Try again after a cup of brewed herbs (tea, on Earth).


Landing attempt #6

LANDING PLATFORM ON PLANET DIIGO IS CLEAR!  Ah, a much better planet, I can actually do things in this atmosphere.  I will move all my computer-based “bookmarks” to this site.  Now I can access them from other computer on ship or one in instructional setting with recruits, or even on another pilot’s ship.  VG!  Like this idea.  Can do whole webpage, or part of it.  Images too.  Wonder if video?  No, just url of video, but still works.


Several days later…

Have been on Planet Diigo for several days, now.  Atmosphere still hospitable, enjoying the simplicity, though I am reluctant to add the toolbar directly into computer, but will most likely do that in near future. http://www.diigo.com/user/thewwwtl

Worries about using SB – have put a few “personal” sites and notes on planet Diigo.  Should I use a different user name for those?  Have marked as “private” and all others as “public”, so it should be okay.

Created list: http://www.diigo.com/list/thewwwtl/blogging-in-the-classroom.  Found other lists.  This can be a handy tool! Want to spend more time in this system and will most likely beam back on a regular basis as have now set up a safe landing platform.

Was invited to join other pilots from my sector (“Guroope tooh”) to do some “sharing” on Planet Diigo.  Have not been able to find the other explorers, but was able to find remnants of an armada from EDES 501 from several light years ago after entering the term “TLDL”.  Added some of their shared resources to my lists.  Yes, I like this.  V handy little tool.    I am v pleased to have discovered planet Diigo.  It will be of much benefit in future explorations.  But what of the recruits?  What of the crew on the mother ship?

Shared Bookmarking Roles (http://digitallyspeaking.pbworks.com/Social-Bookmarking-and-Annotating) “While Web 2.0 tools promote organic interactions where users come together informally, drawn by their own personal interests and commitments to ideas and conversations, introducing digital participation to K-12 students requires structure and organization.  21st Century students often feel comfortable with the idea of electronic communities while struggling to find ways to build shared knowledge together.  Efficient learning, therefore, is an impossible outcome no matter how powerful a tool’s individual potential.”

Ah, to write that eloquently.  It does make sense – what has grown from a “study buddy” is now an entire planet of study buddies for Earth’s digital natives.  (Chardonnay has telepathic links to each other, so we are a step or two ahead, but this is as close as you are for now, Earthlings.)  Social bookmarking is a tool to support the efficient learning that collaboration encourages.  Would I actually use SB with my recruits, though?

Will Richardson is quite persuasive in his chapter “The Social Web: Learning Together”.  In his discussion on SB and in particular, tags and tagging, the “glue” that holds the “Social” part of SB together, he says:

“This move toward a more socially negotiated categorization of content has interesting and , I think, powerful ramifications for teachers and students.  Obviously, if we are to be expected to participate in the construction of “folksonomies” to save the information that we find, it will require us to redefine the processes we currently use in relative isolation.  Our personal organizational systems for content may need revision to fit with a more communal model.”

BUT BUT! I like MY personal organizational system.  If I want to write “classroomblogs” as a tag, it suits ME.

“And it’s worth our while to do this because this more social model has the potential to lead us to more and better information.”. 

Oh.  I cannot argue with that.  I just have to wrap my head around the fact that I am not instructing the recruits in isolation anymore.  AND the recruits are growing up in a universe where they don’t have a lot of memory of working in isolation (if any at all), so SB is just another collaborative tool for them to use.  How would we do it?  Back to Richardson:

Use in the classroom: could create separate folders in your Social Bookmarking account for each student…they subscribe, you see something they might like to read, send to student’s folder. OR, they could Bookmark a link and save to the Social Bookmarking site.

So, in Chardonnay language, if my Duhrama recruits were studying modern mime performers and came across a video that they thought was particularly interesting, they could add the link to the SB site I have set up for our course, rather than write it on the whiteboard or a piece of felled earthtree.  Then, recruits could access the link later from their home pods…and find more…and add more…and make my job actually easier.  Hmmmmmmm.  The initial set up would be time consuming, but after that, I can watch how they take over.

AND, since there are several other recruit leaders who command the same type of ship as I do in this quadrant, we could link together on the site as well to share resources that way too.  The captains at http://www.educause.edu/ir/library/pdf/ELI7001.pdf agree: “If you are looking for information about sailing,for example, you might find that other users saw a connection between sailing and boat repair, taking you in new, potentially valuable directions.”


Must admit am completely sold on the idea of Social Bookmarking for my own personal journeys.  Plan on spending more time on Planet Diigo and will beam back on a regular basis as have set up secure landing platform.  May try to explore nearby planet Evernote again in the future, but roars of rampaging elephants still too fresh.

As for the recruits and their leaders…I am not in a hurry to use this tool, with the 7-year-olds (12 in Earth years) although I do see the benefits.  Perhaps after establishing a classroom blog, this may be the next step.  Older recruits may benefit more from the SB tools, and other ships from Chardonnay may already be doing so. Am more inclined to share with other recruit leaders, though.  Will compile lists, or at very least a “Trailfire” to send to others and use that as a starting point.


Was making long voyage to visit other Chardonnaians just yesterday and tuned in to an Earth-based program “CBC”.  At one point, a human male was being interviewed and he described his “filing” system.  (http://www.cbc.ca/podcasting/pastpodcasts.html?13#ref13 “The House”, October 09, 2010 – listen to one minute of this podcast beginning at 12:28).

CBC Podcast (Go to 12:28)

First thought: “Well, he really needs a SB system!

Second thought:  “Does he have a blog?”

Third thought: “Times have changed Web Wanderer and you are slowly evolving with them!”




Richardson, W. (2006). Blogs, wikis and podcasts. Thousand Oaks, California: Corwin Press. (As a Kindle download from Amazon – note: no page numbers available to use for direct quotes)

Richardson, W. (2007). Taming the beast: Social bookmarking.  Retrieved from:

Sites visited:


http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bVnfyradCPY&feature=related (Zombies in Plain English)





*Thought:  Is Trailfire a type of Social Bookmarking? 

Took some time after this posting to explore Trailfire.  Does seem to be similar to other SB sites, but was wanting to install a different browser on my ship.  Do not want Foxes with Fire onboard at this time, so had to pass.  Will use mother ship for this activity at a later date.


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  1. “Foxes with Fire” … funny!
    I really like how you had your son involved in this exploration. I was sharing Diigo with my son, who did the sniff and sneer and left the room. Apparently mom is not allowed to know more than him about computers!

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