Entering the realm of “Youtube-ians” and other such creatures

Funny cat tricks and more…

Most members of the crew are very excited to begin this part of the voyage.  They have been studying the area quite extensively on their personal viewers for the past year or two, but have never landed (or “posted” as it is called in this area) on one of the planets.  What I hope to succeed in this sector of the web universe is to be able to use the tools in my training arena so starship recruits can create an alternate type of response to my teachings rather than the traditional poster, booklet, or slideshow.  When they are posted on planet YouTube (the largest, most populated planet in this realm), I will be able to access them as examples for future recruits.  I am also hoping that the young crew members on my personal ship are encouraged to use the tools for their educational responses and, for fun!

Most, if not all of the posting is done in forms of moving pictures, which my young crew call “videos”.  I see.  Aha, Latin “videre”, I see – video…thank you Wikipedia!

 What this crew knows so far about YouTube:

  • The young crew members access it on almost a daily basis for entertainment
  • Co-pilot and myself occasionally enjoy watching videos
  • Some select recruits in the past have chosen to make their own videos and if their technology does not match what we have on board, they must post to planet YouTube in order for us to access it.  Several students have done so:

The co-pilot and I have decided to transfer old video footage from our early days on board the ship.  It is a challenging process made easier by the technogeeks from comet LondonDrugs, who supplied us with all kinds of cables and wires to make the transfer easier.  Asked co-pilot if we would store any on video sharing websites, he answered “Absolutely not.  Why would we want our videos “out there”?”  For the same reasons some people store photos on a website – that they are retrievable if anything happens to the computer.  But the co-pilot is wary of any person other than family viewing these “moo-vees”, as many parents would be.  I will have to be very careful about what my recruits do when we use these tools in training.


Made some notes while following the “Trailfire”:

  • Wikipedia: much of the start up and history is new, but some amazing facts: “YouTube says that 24 hours of new videos are uploaded to the site every minute, and that around three quarters of the material comes from outside the United States” – from outside the U.S.? Go planet Chardonnay!
  • As a pilot who does not monitor my crew’s viewing every second they are online, the comment from Wikipedia: “YouTube does not view videos before they are posted online…” is a bit worrisome, but I have spent enough time with them to know what they are (generally) viewing.  Plus, they don’t know how to erase the search history on the computer (or that it even exists!).  Not telling them either.  Apparently YouTube has strict rules regarding content, so we will see.
  • Had to look up word “terabyte”.  Still kind of unsure of actually how big that is.  As big as my hips on a bad day?
  • One of the key features of YouTube is the ability of users to view its videos on web pages outside the site. Each YouTube video is accompanied by a piece of HTML, which can be used to embed it on a page outside the YouTube website. This functionality is often used to embed YouTube videos in social networking pages and blogs.  Well, we might be able to do that!
  • I like that YouTube does an “April Fool’s” joke each year.  Clever!  Going to be sure to check next April!

Trailfire led to video “Libraries will survive”.  Noticed it said (long version).  Curious, I googled “short version”.  Short version is there and interestingly, has twice as many views as the long one.  Similar to us on Chardonnay, you Earthlings believe “less is often more” (or,`I am just too busy to watch 9 minutes when there is a 4 minute version`).  My YouTube A.D.D. led to http://www.YouTube.com/watch?v=a_uzUh1VT98&feature=related which is hip (Lady GaGa, I am not sure what planet she is from) AND makes reference to my dad!  Go Kirk!

Further research led to more planet YouTube info:

“Story time” with books “telling” the story: http://www.YouTube.com/watch?v=rQZk0CKgkIg&feature=player_embedded  This would be fun to try and replicate and put on our library blog.  (I must help our TL start that…)

 Once I figure out how to use YouTube, I can teach the kids!  Then we can easily watch their videos! www.YouTube.com/t/video_toolbox

 “Transformationlab” http://www.YouTube.com/watch?v=9KsFrkxjtj8 – makes a good point about involving users into the process of updating / building the library of the future.  Thinking that the computer tech teacher and the TL need to work hand in hand, if not be the same person.  May have to go and breed with the creatures on Geekanis, in the Muchbodeehare Sector in order to create extreme techy TL.


The following journal entries are from Autopilot Holly:

Have not landed on Planet YouTube yet.  Space bug has descended upon ship and co-pilot has been beamed off the ship into the roaming black hole “Conference”.  All systems onboard ship have been put into survival-only mode as pilot works solo on healing all personnel on board and running the ship with reduced help.

Several days later…co-pilot has returned and all systems are running well, but our mission is far behind schedule.  Still have not reached planet YouTube, but have spent some time on moon station “TeacherTube”…pros: for educators, primarily, so content is specific.  Cons:  not as “shiny” as YouTube and is not well organized.  Decided to compare sites: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Comparison_of_video_services.  Personnel had NO idea that YouTube-ian system was this big.  Note that many have gained their independence from Planet YouTube.

Gleep! Gleep!  All systems on alert.  Wormhole to Beta Sector Social Bookmarking is opening up!  The wormhole will only remain open for another 24 hours, so we must complete our visit to Planet YouTube now!  Tomorrow is our deadline – we have to get in, get the job done, get out.  Kind of like waxing…

Later…have finally docked on planet YouTube.  Pilot will take over the account of our explorations.


Touchdown on Planet YouTube!  Hmmm, does not seem as user-friendly as first thought.  Was told immediately “You must exit your Google account!” and several other commands.  Finally, we managed to secure a location on YouTube as “Thewwwtl”.  Kind of like that parking spot.  Then decided to explore the “user” area…not an overly welcoming part of town.  Tried to go back, but access was not easy.  Will attempt to make it back and download more info from ship.

After searching through some side streets of help topics…came across this video:
http://www.YouTube.com/watch?v=SzSwnbxb9TY  What is a “mofo”?  Just hang on a sec while I google…Oh.

http://www.YouTube.com/watch?v=gmvjvlOnBYw&feature=related  Nice young man I could have given birth to helps newbies like me.

Tried to visit “creator’s corner”…should rename it “crater’s corner” as it seems to have slipped into one.  No help there.

Trying to download video to laptop.  Hmmm.  Hmmmmmmmm. HMMMMMMMMMMMMM!  Does not seem to want to.  Laptop is not recognizing camera.  Will have to move to mother ship.

Apparently I need a “fire wire” plug…name is v.exciting but fact that I do not have one on laptop is frustrating and have no adapter.  Must put one on wishlist.  Comet LondonDrugs will have to be revisited.

Finally found a video to use from our starship travels…it is of a Jedi Master on planet Tatooine in the Disneyland sector.  Once we figured out how to use editing software on mother ship (PowerProducer from CyberLink) it was a snap to upload, add title and tags. 

Apparently it takes about 90 minutes to be available on YouTube.  That would require planning ahead if I was planning to show recruit-created work in the training arena.  Okay, will check back in about an hour and a half!

I can see how beneficial this will be!  Several trainers back home on Chardonnay are new to the area of Duhramah, my area of teaching expertise, and I am often asked for help.  Instead of sending written descriptions of activities, I can send actual footage!   Of course, parental units will have to give permission…Will Richardson provides a handy letter in his book “Blogs, Wikis and Podcasts” that I will print up after making necessary changes.

Checking!  Oh, this is so exciting!  Where is…it is not there.  WHAAAAAT?  Gleep! Gleep!  Shields up while we figure out what went wrong.  Account…cannot recognize file?  Well, why didn’t you tell me that 90 minutes ago?  Okay, must go back and change file to something that is recognizable.  Co-pilot, who knows more about this software, is out, so must do on own.

Have just spent many minutes on mother ship trying to convert video.  Have succeeded in deleting it, turning it upside down and frustrating self.  Gravity on planet YouTube is weighing me down, it seems.  Not similar to Chardonnay’s, like Photosharing was.

Co-pilot has returned and showed me how simple it is.  I had just been looking in the wrong area.  Apparently my map reading skills are not polished.

Hooray!  Success!  Video has been successfully uploaded!

Now I want to edit it, as it doesn’t look very good.  As typical of me, I went straight in to the “Video Editing” without reading how to do it.  After fumbling about, not getting any editing done other than the privacy, comments etc.  (I did make changes, so good that I accidently got there!  I will suggest to all crew and recruits to click “preview all comments” or not allow any at all), am about to watch help video: http://www.google.com/support/YouTube/bin/answer.py?hl=en&answer=183851

Ooo, young man from Geekanis!  He IS helpful (and does not lack in the body hair department, either) and introduces term “Mashup” – now know what it is!  Okay, editing video on YouTube’s new editing site. La, la, la.  Easy peasy…

Hmmm, not quite sure what I did before the newly created editing site (watch out for bugs!) kicked me out, but I think I made some changes…ooo, yes, is now different with spacey music and doubled.

 Cannot make changes to quality of video as had hoped and could not add text/captions, though it says I can.  Must use software program on mother ship next time.

Back on site, I came across a “most viewed” video by a name I know and found his YouTube site: http://www.YouTube.com/user/nigahiga#p/u/10/r56jqb-fWVM  This young man, Ryan Higa, along with several friends/family members (“The Yabo Crew”), has become a well known face on YouTube.  According to Wikipedia, “as of August 2010, Higa’s YouTube channel, nigahiga, has over 2.7 million subscribers and is the most subscribed YouTube channel of all time.”  Had no idea he was so popular, explains why I actually know of him.  Higa fits a quote I came across from http://www.squidoo.com/teachertube: “Are we teaching our kids to be readers, writers, thinkers, and entrepreneurs? Will they work for their dreams or will they work for someone else’s dreams?”  Using video sharing sites encourages all language skills, including collaboration, scriptwriting skills and creativity.  Ryan Higa has done that to the tune of over 2 million subscribers!

Higa is also a crossover between generations.  I enjoy his videos, as do my much younger recruits.   If I want them to really pay attention to me, I show a video with someone they can identify with doing what I want them to do, using the skills I want them to learn, but with someone they might enjoy watching a bit more than say, me.  My young crew members on my personal ship also enjoy sharing videos with me and it is a pleasant way to spend some time together.

The wormhole is starting to shrink, so we must prepare for takeoff.  This voyage did not go as expected.  The younger crew members and I filmed Kat (who is now sticking with the name “Presley” and has decreed we must all call her that) during the week and had expected to use that video, but lack of plugs of fire, or whatever they are, stymied that.  We had also planned a stop motion story involving various Earth-type wrestling figures, but illness kyboshed that idea.  I will admit I was nervous about this area of the web universe but the short time I have spent here has changed my mind.  YouTube and the other planets in this realm are not as forbidding as they initially appear.  Those projects will happen, since the young ones are very interested in seeing their work on YouTube.  I am hoping to use this tool in my instructional arena even more this year, as an increasing number of  students are submitting video presentations in place of hard copy projects, and I will need somewhere to easily access their work.  YouTube is that place.

Now, hang on! The wormhole is dead ahead!  Next stop Beta Bookmarking…


Richardson, W. (2006). Blogs, wikis and podcasts. Thousand Oaks, California: Corwin Press.



  1. Jacquie,
    I love how you manage to sustain your voice and take the reader through your journey of exploration, with your thoughts and reactions along the way. It is so enjoyable to read!


  2. You are truly a talented, entertaining, and creative writer!

    • Such nice beings, these Earthchicks. They make me blush. =)

  3. “we have to get in, get the job done, get out. Kind of like waxing…”

    Oh my goodness that is too funny, as is the whole post. Of course I’m reading this after landing on planet Warsteiner, which has a bubbly atmosphere and fields of barley and hops making me laugh even harder…
    My boys would die to see that Disney Jedi show…
    “…but lack of plugs of fire” 😀

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