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Captain Kirk, stranded on the strange golden planet of Chardonnay, meets a lovely airish creature with a name he hears as “Buridjitjoans”.  They enjoy “the atmosphere” before Kirk beams away on another adventure.  The result of the chance encounter is me, the “Web Wanderer”.  About to boldly go where no Bridget has gone before…into the realms of space known as “TwoPointOhhhhhhh”…



Blog posts in crono, chruno…in order of appearance

 For purposes of Edukashun (that’s what we call skool on planet Chardonnay), I have decided to begin a journey into previously unexplored “Web” tools to see if any can be of use back in Edukashun on Chardonnay.   So each evening, instead of reading favourite fiction or watching movies with a box of “Milk Tray”, I spend my time hurtling through wires beyond the speed of light.  Or something like that.

Dad said something about a “Star Date Log” and Mom mentioned a “Diary”, but I will just KEEP TRACK of what happens in my journeys beyond planet Chardonnay.  Have used wordpress once before ( http://jacquihigginbottom.wordpress.com/) and since it did not bite or cause rash, have decided to try it again.  Also, don’t like word “blogger”, sounds like an amphibian.  “Glogster” reminds one of energy drink guzzling teen.  “WordPress” sounds somewhat sporty.  Think of workout with weights made of poetry, or something.

06/09/10 – Launch day.  Technological experience to date: email, used attachments for the first time not that long ago.  Can scan, and do a few things with our digital camera.  Not quite sure how to recharge its battery, though.  Or how to open the little battery compartment, come to think of it.  Prefer to use a microwave, but still cannot figure out “defrost” mode. 
Consider myself a good “searcher” – google is preferred search engine.  Happy I could still remember how to navigate around the “Blackboard Learning” of new e-class.  Remember how painful it was for my first course (new, unexplored laptop, new to e-learning, crying, thoughts of throwing lovely new laptop out of window, deciding it is all husband’s fault since he got me new laptop, etc etc)

07/09/10 – Actually was interested in listening to the techies talking in the hallway today (could actually understand almost half of the words they used.  BIG improvement).  Admin got a new ibook and I asked to see it.  New area for me.  Also want to know more about my TL’s administrative program “Athena”.  Outdated, but over $10,000 to get a new one.  Have made a note on my calendar to “tweet” on Friday.  May have to fortify self with wine as am scared.  Will I know how?  Can I use laptop?  Don’t text very well – fingers are over 40 years old and don’t move like those young ‘uns do.

10/09/10 – Entering the world of Twitter:
Fortified by a glass of amber liquid from my home planet and with a more web-perienced friend, signed up for igoogle, twitter, blogs, and more.
Found out I can tweet a url – how is this important? it will lead to my blog, should I get to that, where I fully describe whatever it is that is v.imp. for me to share.  Should I get to that.
Signed up for google reader to follow some blogs as well.  Seems like I will be reading a lot and not any books.
Trolling through some “tweets”.  An unfortunate little song came to mind (sing to tune of Do Wah Diddy):
“I’m important and I haven’t figured out
How to live my life in a really normal way…
Singin’ do ya tweet me? tweet me do tweet me do…”

Think is vg.  Oh, so nasty.  Sorry you dedicated (addicted?) tweeters.  Unless, unless, tweeting IS the normal way now?  Hmmmm.  Okay, did find something I enjoyed on twitter.  Found out I quite like Will Richardson’s way of thinking:
So, maybe not ALL bad.

13/09/10 – Watching some twitter (correct term?  reading?  following???) – followed the provided links…how quickly you can get caught up in the lives of others!  Had to curb my enthusiasm for reading about a grade 2/3 class blogging around the world.  And how far behind I feel!  These kids are seven!  Me divided by six! Reminds me of piano lessons when I was a teen and little 5 year olds playing pieces twice mine.  I quit piano.

Reading blogs, twitter…my current thoughts are that if I really wanted to know that stuff, I would google it myself.  Wondering if this thinking will change as the course progresses.

13/09/10 – Re-read course schedule.  Oops, should have posted “Autobiography of a computer user” earlier today.  Wow, these are interesting.  How much difference ten years in age makes.  Those “kids” born in the late 70s seem much more ahead of me.

14/09/10 – Read more blogs and links from tweets.  Found http://canucktls.ning.com/ and signed up as “TLwannabe”.  Then realized nobody used “handles” on this site.  Oh dear.

15/09/10 – Finally made my blog for this course at wordpress.com.  Took more time to get my photo for my header than actually doing the rest of it!  Quite like the “theme”.  Hope Dr. B can actually figure out what assignment I am writing about with my “cryptic” titles.  She is clever, I have faith, and the force.  Oh wait, that’s not my theme.

JY has some interesting thoughts on his blogs.  He reminds me of my school’s TL, purging the encyclopedias and dated fiction…I think I would like to visit his library.

16/09/2010 – Had first comment on my blog!  Yah!  Cannot believe how exciting it is.  Beginning to understand now why people blog.  Because other people pay attention to you!  Maybe that is why so many teens use Facebook.

17/09/10 – Admin asked me to “present” at our next ProD day – how to build a blog.  ACK.  Double ACK.  Oh wait, am not Cathy, am Bridget.  Bridgit would say a bad word.    I am not an expert by any means.  Only in Chardonnay, as is home planet.  Have only made two blogs and just for courses.  Actually considered naming this one “Forschoolandnothingelse.wordpress.com”.  Also, only 1 comment.  So far.  Suggested that we offer the “workshop”  for anyone who wants to learn rather than a mandatory…maybe no one will sign up.  Hopefully.  Then can eat chocolate and do FB and watch youtube.

19/09/10 – Another comment!  Eek.  Might go to head and think I am big famous blogger type.  Internet service went down again yesterday.  Much better this time though, as did not think it was my computer’s error (or worse, mine).  Had husband call service provider and yell this morning.  Cables?  Splicers?  Sounds like when the car is making that funny noise and you need the mechanic.  Yet when you go there, the car is purring like happy kitten.  Worse, I cannot turn up the music to hide scary clunking sound.
Reading Nancy Courtney’s “Library 2.0 and Beyond”.  Much like Richardson.  Love the chapter on gaming and learning from gamers by David Ward.  Watched my 9-year-old daughter play her DS and was astounded by her problem solving at such a high speed!  Suggested to our admin that we invite the students in on our next ProD day so they can teach us what they know.

Have decided that this is the end of my “introduction”.  Next posts will move to top of page and be more bloggie-like.

20/09/2010 – preparing ship and crew to enter the celestial area of “Photosharing”.  Further research on several other topics coming in through cabincom: From Stephen’s lighthouse –
Watching this video made me wonder what my school’s “policy” is on Facebook.  Huh?  Emailed my admin who says we don’t have one, but let’s use social networking as a classroom tool.  Love his policy!

“The accelerating pace of technology means [my son’s] eventual adult career does not exist yet. Of course it won’t be taught in school. But technological smartness can be.”
Kevin Kelly http://www.nytimes.com/2010/09/19/magazine/19FOB-WWLN-Kelly-t.html?_r=1&ref=magazine
YES!  This is who I am as a teacher.  I am the facilitator of further learning.  Need to give students the tools, not finished product.

Above is interesting “slide show” from 1600’s to 2010.  I want an ipad.

22/09/10 – checking out more Twitter:
From “DamnItsTrue”: I will be Burger King and you will be McDonalds. I will be doing it my way and you’ll be loving it. #DamnItsTrue  
From “phillybo”: How many bears could Bear Grylls grill if Bear Grylls could grill bears?
From “neiltyson”: Sep 22. 11:09pm ET. Geekspeak: Sun along the ecliptic crosses celestial equator going south. Everybody else: Fall begins.

These are on Twitter’s “Top Feeds”.  Yes, I can see why…the scintillating pieces of information (note sarcastic tone…hard to do with writing as medium).  Actually, kind of like neiltyson’s geekspeak…

Saw a satirical video on BCEsis :  http://vimeo.com/15169691 – got very excited when I saw that I had written “Vimeo” down for Blog #2 – felt savvy.  Never feel that way on the computer.  Though not sure when I wrote that word, or why, or…must have had some juice from home planet of Chardonnay.  VG juice.  Love the lovely juice…


23/09/10 – Oh dear.  Putdowns of PowerPoint in our eclass discussions.  Even Dr.B has negative things to say about tool I use. Gleep! Gleep! All systems on alert!  Feel v. torn about wanting to defend something I enjoy using BUT realizing that I must move forward into unknown realms of space.  Feels like I am on the edge of my solar system.  Wanting to stay close to planet Chardonnay, but yet there is so much out there that I can explore.

24/09/10 – Tech ProD  on board the ship today.  Among other techie things, we had to learn about the new photocopiers in the school.  They took our old ones away before we even knew how to use the new ones…nothing like forcing us to learn, eh?  =)  One shipmate said “They cannot make me use it, oh no, oh no!”  Another commented on the difficulty of learning new technology.  I replied that even though the learning curve may be steep at first, it will make things so much quicker and easier in a very short time.  I related it to the first teachers who had to shift from ditto machines to the first photocopiers.  THEN I realized that I sounded like one of those forward techo-thinkers!  Gleep Gleep!  When did that happen?  Arghh.  Bring back the slates!  I am not ready for this.

I even gave a short workshop on personal and classroom blogs.  Just sharing some ideas, but the admin felt I was qualified to do it.  WHAT?  Just because I can turn my space ship on and back it out of the space port successfully doesn’t make me qualified to give piloting lessons!  I hit the moon when I try to parallel park!  Gleep!

Deep breathing needed.  Should not be afraid to move forward.  Also, have much fortifications of juice from home planet in ship’s hold to help soothe nerves if, WHEN, troubles arise.

25/09/2010 – finishing explorations of photosharing celestials.  Have shown some work to young crewmembers who are eager to try their own spaceflights in the solo pod.  Will help now and document their progress…
Click here for the official onboard documentation of our journey to the Celestials known as “PhotoSharing“.


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